Fast, Reliable & Legal Ways of Pursuing Global Education, Career Advancement & Migration Opportunities in Various Countries (Canada, Australia, NZ, US, Ireland, UK and Japan) Thru R2R Career Education & Visa Professionals Group

We Are

  • A full-service visa & immigration and overseas education consulting group of a core team of highly experienced professionals with a track record of success in helping clients in pursuing global education, career advancement and migration in various countries.
  • The Collaborative Joint Venture Partner for Philippines – Asia of top rated immigration law firms in Canada, Australia, NZ & USA in providing full range of visa law & immigration services and representing client’s  application with the concerned visa & immigration offices pursuant to existing immigration rules.
  • The Philippine Representative – Agent of select colleges & universities worldwide which complement our “one stop” overseas educational services to clients including those pursuing migration thru the education (study-work-migrate) pathway.


We Specialized in Providing

  • Full suites of visa law & immigration services including legal representation of client’s application with the embassy or visa office in collaboration with our partner immigration law firms in various countries:
    • Skilled Migration – Express Entry (Canada), SkillSelect (Australia) and Skilled Migrant Category (NZ)
    • Provincial Nomination / Regional Sponsored Migration - Canada & Australia
    • Family Sponsored Migration – Fiancé(e), Spouse, Partner (De Facto, Common Law, Conjugal & Same Sex) Partner, Child and Parents
    • Business Migration USA, Australia & Canada
    • Temporary Visas – Student, Internship, Visitor and other Visas
    • New, Denied, Appeal & Complex Cases
  • Full Service “Migration thru Education (Study-Work-Migrate) Pathway” Canada, Australia, NZ, USA, Ireland & Japan Study, Visas & Immigration Solutions
    • “One Stop” Study & Internship Abroad – Assistance in course & school selection, securing the best enrollment deals,  health cover,  travel & accommodation arrangements
    • Full range of visas & immigration services to clients in all stages of the “Study-Work-Migrate” process
      • Student Visa with part time work permit while studying
      • Transitioning to Post Study / Graduation Work Permit (After studies) and eventually, Permanent Residence
      • Student’s Dependent Visas including Spouse Open Work Permit
  • International Language Supports – Customized English (IELTS & PTE), French (TEF & DELF) and Nihongo Prep Review & Coaching tailored to assist clients in meeting the language requirement for their school admission, visa  and professional registration in various countries


Our Winning Advantage

  • Dedicated team of highly experienced professionals with outstanding track record in providing solutions oriented overseas education, visas & migration services to clients onshore and offshore.
  • Full range of visa law & immigration services including legal representation of client’s application with the concerned embassy or visa office in collaboration with our partner immigration law firms in various countries pursuant to existing immigration laws.
  • High visa approval / success rate for our clients both in the immigrant & nonimmigrant categories – new, denied, appeal / judicial review & complex cases.
  • Full service “Study-Work-Migrate” visas & immigration solutions to clients (from student visa to post study work permit, permanent residence and even citizenship) – Not limited to enrollment and student visa assistance as what other agencies or consultancies usually provide.
  • “One stop” study & internship abroad services complemented by our partnership with select academic institutions worldwide offering wide range of global courses eligible for the “study-work-migrate” pathway.
  • Working in the best interest of clients particularly in securing the “best enrollment deals” (lowest tuition fee, low initial payment and installment payment term, waiver of IELTS and application fee, etc.) with educational institutions - as the “agent commission” (% of tuition fee) paid by schools is NOT our primary interest as a professional immigration firm.
  • Staying updated on visa law & immigration matters to ensure that we provide the appropriate services to our clients as we continuously strive to maintain our visa success record and exceed client’s expectation.


The above separate us from the rests and put us at the forefront of the industry in assisting clients towards a successful application. Notwithstanding this, our fees remain competitive payable in affordable terms.


Take the First Step Towards a Successful Application

The first step towards a successful application is to know your eligibility, your most suitable visa or migration option which will give you the best chances for success, the requirements and the legal application process under the existing immigration rules.

 A 1-on-1 visa & immigration assessment and consultation with our firm will be helpful for this purpose. You may also attend in our upcoming migration seminar orientation plus 1-on-1 assessment & consultation


Live your dreams!

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