Fast, Reliable & Legal Ways of Pursuing Global Education, Career Advancement & Migration Opportunities in Canada, Australia, NZ, USA, Japan & Other Countries thru THE R2R Career Education & Visa Professionals Group


We Are

  • A full service visas & immigration and overseas education consulting of a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience and track record of success in helping clients in pursuing global education, career advancement and migration in Canada, Australia, NZ, US, Japan & other countries.
  • The Collaborative Joint Venture Partner for Philippines–Asia of top-rated immigration law firms in Canada, Australia & other countries which complement our firm in providing full range of visa law & immigration services and representing clients with the visa & immigration offices pursuant to the existing immigration rules.
  • The Philippine Representative/Agent of select recognized educational institutions in various countries which complement our firm in providing “one stop” overseas education services to clients including those pursuing migration thru the education pathway.


We Specialized in Providing

  1. Full suite of visa & immigration services including legal representation of client’s application with the concerned visa & immigration offices  in collaboration with our immigration law firm partners in various countries
    • Skilled Migration – Express Entry (Canada), Skillselect (Australia) and Skilled Migrant Category (NZ)
    • Provincial Nomination/Regional Sponsored Migration - Canada & Australia
    • Family Sponsored Migration – Fiancé(e), Spouse, Partner (Common Law, De Facto, Conjugal & Same Sex), Child, Parents and Other Eligible Family Members (Various countries)
    • Business Migration -  USA, Australia & Canada (Start Up Visa Program) – For Entrepreneurs, Treaty Traders and Investors
    • Temporary Residence Visas  – Student, Internship, Visitor, Super Visa (Canada)  and other Visas  (Various countries)
    • New, Denied and Appeal Cases including Restoration of Status
  1. Full-Service Visas & Immigration Solutions for Clients Pursuing  Migration thru Education (Study-Work-Migrate) Pathway in Canada, Australia, NZ and Japan 
    • Student Visa with part time Open Work Permit (While studying)
    • Transitioning to the appropriate full time Graduate Work Permit (After studies)
    • Transitioning to Permanent Residence (Upon meeting the immigration requirements)
    • Student Visa Extension / Renewal
    • Visas for Student’s Family including Open Work Permit for Spouse /Partner and Study Permit for Child
    • One Stop Educational Services – Assistance in the course & school selection, Application for admission with the best possible “enrollment deals” and Other related support services
  1. International Language Support Programs
    • Customized English (IELTS & PTE) Review & Coaching - Especially designed for intending students and immigrants to
      meet the English requirement for school admission, visa & immigration and professional registration in various countries
      delivered in-class or online tutorial platforms
    • Internationally Recognized TEFL/TESOL Online Certification Programs in Partnership with Bridge Education Group (USA) - For those aspiring to become a professional global English teacher in Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam & other countries. For more info
      and enrollment application, visit our site:
    • French (TEF/DELF) and Japanese (Nihongo/JPLT) Language Tests Preparation Programs - For Intending Students, Workers & Migrants in Quebec/Canada and Japan respectively. Offered on seasonal basis on a tutorial platform.


Our Winning Advantage

  • A dedicated professional team with expertise, extensive experience and track history of success in providing solutions oriented overseas education, visas & immigration services to hundreds of clients onshore and offshore. Majority of our clients come from the referrals of previous clients who we consider as our best references.
  • Full range of visa law & immigration services  including legal representation of client’s application with the visa & immigration offices in collaboration with our immigration law firm partners in Canada, Australia  & other countries pursuant to existing immigration rules.
  • High visa success / approval rate for our clients in both immigrant & nonimmigrant visa categories – New, denied & appeal cases. We strive to maintain our high visa success record consistent with our continuing commitment for clients’ success.
  • Full-service visas & immigration solutions for clients pursuing migration thru the education (Study-Work-Migrate) pathway - Student Visa, Graduate Work Permit, Permanent Residence and Citizenship including Family. Not limited to enrollment & student visa assistance as what others usually provide;
  • Keeping updated on visas & immigration matters to ensure that we are able to provide the most appropriate services to clients.
  • Working in the best interest our study visa clients in securing  the best possible enrollment deals (e.g. lowest tuition fee, low initial and installment payment term, waiver of IELTS and application fee, etc) - as the  agent commission paid by schools is NOT our main interest as a professional immigration firm.


The above winning advantage separate us from the rest and put us at the forefront of the industry. Notwithstanding this, our fees remain competitive payable in affordable terms.


Take the First Step Towards a Successful Application

The first step towards a successful application is to know your eligibility, the most suitable the visa or migration option which will give you the best chances for success, the requirements and the legal process under the existing immigration rules. 

For those with visa refusal(s), it is important to find out the best possible legal remedies or options (e.g. reconsideration, re-application or appeal mechanism) how to overturn the said refusal pursuant to the existing immigration rules.

A 1-On-1 migration assessment & consultation with our immigration team will be helpful for above purpose. Alternatively, you may also attend our upcoming migration seminar plus 1-on-1 consult.

After a positive assessment and you decide to hire our firm by signing a covering retainer agreement, we shall discuss with you complete “Next Steps” geared towards a successful application pursuant to the existing immigration rules.

Live your dreams!

Join our successful clients! Know your eligibility, best migration option,

the requirements and the legal process!

Do it right the first time. Do not take chances. Avoid “Hit or Miss”